Meetings for 2018

If you would like to be involved as a committee member (a rewarding but not onerous task) please let one of the existing committee members know.

Meetings are held at the Mount Albert Senior Citizens' Hall, Wairere Avenue, Mount Albert, Auckland, on the first and third Tuesday of each month, except January. Doors open at 7.30 p.m., and meetings start at 7.45 p.m. At each meeting, there are "Items of interest" displayed. A guest speaker and display are the main event of most meetings.

Visitors and new members are welcome.

6 February Denise Rosenfeldt Department Store Post Offices
20 February Tane McManus Fiji and Tonga early stamps and some miscellany
24 February Summer RED DOT SALE Doors open at 11:30am and sale gets under way at 1pm
6 March Albie Rich Potpourri
20 March Elizabeth Nairn (Scotland) A Maritime Heritage
3 April Tim Beach Post Office Money Boxes
17 April Ken Brunton Thematics
1 May Alphabet Night Q, R and S Members to bring items related to the letters Q, R, S
15 May Brian Carroll TBA
26 May Autumn RED DOT SALE Doors open at 11:30am and sale gets under way at 1pm
5 June Michael Hill 20% off all Gold Jewellery and wedding rings
9 June ANNUAL EXHIBITION Theme: 1918 Armistice - Mt Eden War Memorial Hall
19 June AGM and Members Night Members to bring items relating to "Generals" and "Annual"
3 July The Chase - Quiz Night Can YOU beat our Chaser, Hosted by Nic and Tane as Chaser
17 July Michael Steel The Union Steamship Company
28 July Winter RED DOT SALE Doors open at 11:30am and sale gets under way at 1pm
7 August Keith Griffiths Memorial Lecture Claude Poulson - GB QV Revenue Stamps
21 August Bob Gibson Aspects of Road Safety
4 September Dealers Night Dealers will be selling and buying stamps
18 September Nic Hendy Workshop, exact topic TBA
29 September Spring RED DOT SALE Doors open at 11:30am and sale gets under way at 1pm
2 October Trevor Rogerson Boer War Prisoner of War Mail
16 October Armstrong Cup - 1 Frame Members 16 Page competition on any topic
6 November Bourse Bring, buy and sell your material with NO commission
20 November John Paston The Suez canal
4 December Christmas Party With live music, food, fun and a Prize giving, all local clubs are invited to come celebrate with us. Bring a plate to share

Important changes to meeting schedule

  1. The Red Dot sale date was shown as September 26th in the Newsletter, please realise this is an error and the date is Saturday September 29th.
  2. Due to another group booking the venue before us, the August 21st meeting with Bob Gibson will now start at 8.30pm. This was beyond our control and we regret the inconvenience. We will skip preliminaries that night and get straight into the talk.
  3. The Council we hire the hall from, has started an online booking system that gives priority to who books online the quickest and unfortunately the Secreatry was a few hours late in booking the hall. Previously this system was done manually with paper forms and we got priority being a long term client, but this corporate world we live in has done away with this loyalty that was rewarded in the past.

Copies of the Programme will be sent out in late January or early February, this schedule may change without notice.

And don't forget the Browns Bay and Ellerslie stamp fairs, which are held on a regular basis. These fairs need your participation to be successful. Check the details in either the Stamps and Coins section of the New Zealand Herald or the APS Newsletter.