Want to add items to the next auction? Download lotting form (52Kb)

Note: The hardest aspect for the auctioneer was knowing at what price to open the bidding on box lots, accumulations and albums. To help with this task the lotting form has been redesigned with a column to indicate a value to start the bidding. This value should be lower than your estimate of sale and low enough to encourage more bidding. It is only a guide and the auctioneer will work down till they get an opening bid. If a catalogue value is given then there is no need of a starting price.

Some vendors have given better descriptions of the more complex lots and this has resulted in better offers from the postal bidders. For collections and accumulations, try to give an idea on the:-

These are items that we don't want because we have trouble selling them:-

When making up lots, aim for a $5 to $20 sale as a minimum. A better result is likely when minor items are grouped together (ie a box lot) as they are more likely to attract spirited bidding than if they are put up singly as $1 or $2 items.

If in doubt, please contact us and we will answer within a week. Please do not be offended if we reject your items. Catalogues of stamp issues are in most branches of the Auckland and other city libraries and are often easy to take out. Any stamp or set catalogued under £5/$10 is a handling charge and not indicative of true value.

DISCLAIMER: We will take mint packs and Yearbooks of NZ, Australia and other known countries, however we can not guarantee you will get a high price, as most modern mint stamps are selling well below their face value. Typical buy in rates for NZ mint stamps are 40% face value or less.

If you have material for sale, or wish to receive a catalogue of items for sale, please contact Nic Hendy Nic Hendy

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