NZ 1855 One Shilling, full-face queen.
Image courtesy of Grant Longley.

Auckland Philatelic Society, Inc.

C/- 15 Maybeck Rd, Mt Albert, Auckland 1025.

Any stamps you want to sell or give us can be directed to Nic Hendy - We can help, but we ARE NOT Stamp Dealers and can not give you same day cash or anything like that. Thank you all for your understanding.

Please do NOT send us envelopes of mail to be cancelled philatelically.

If you wish to have envelopes cancelled send them to: NZ Post, Freepost 1, Philatelic Mail, PO BOX 204 - 077, Highbrook, Auckland 2161

Got stamps to sell or donate, please contact Nic Hendy - or Chris Keery who will help you in this regard. Donations of quality material are always welcome, but please contact them in the first instance rather than sending them to us, as many items can be hard to sell.