Exchange Circuits

Circuit Notes

Any financial member of the Society may opt to belong to a Circuit, to buy or sell stamps. Circuit books provide a convenient way to fill gaps in your collection, or to dispose of duplicate stamps. There is no charge to belong to a Circuit. Material for sale is mounted in booklets provided by the Society and circulated amongst financial members of the Society who have indicated their desire to receive them. It is expected that recipients will pass on circuit books within three days of receiving them, and will make immediate payment to the Exchange Superintendent for any items purchased.

The rules and regulations governing circuit books can be found on the inside of the lid of each box of circuit books.

Members belonging to a circuit are invited to send a list of their collecting interests to the Exchange Superintendent, so that a match between material offered for sale and the collecting interests of buyers can be made.

For further information please contact the Exchange Superintendent, Victor Sutcliffe (phone 09 817 9772).