APS Wins Alex McMillan Trophy

The Auckland Philatelic Society was one of the teams invited this year to the North Shore's Christmas Party and quiz night. The quiz is for the Alex McMillan Trophy, which remembers one of the founder members of the North Shore Society.

The APS team consisted of Nic Hendy, Chris Keery and Brian Marshall. John Kelsey was the quizmaster. There were a number of parts to the quiz. The first was a set of questions on a sheet of paper, which everyone had to answer. This was followed by a series of questions which were answered by individuals in each team, but no conferring with team mates was allowed. There was a series of questions about Australian stamps, another about the stamps of the United States. A series of questions asking what the abbreviations used in stamp and auction catalogues were, proved a little more tricky than one might imagine it should, but the most fiendishly difficult questions related to this year's New Zealand Post "Legendary Landmarks" sheet. Each stamp has a brief description of the place depicted, which John read out. For example, one stamp has the wording "celebrating the land". Which town is being celebrated? The answer is Feilding. "The Huntaway's home"? Hunterville. "The cyclist's delight"? Taupo. It showed how carelessly we tend to look at modern New Zealand stamps!

At the end of the night the Auckland team was declared the winner, by a very small margin. And the person who answered the most questions correctly was ... Brian Marshall!

There was the usual very fine supper, and most people seemed to win a prize in the popular raffles. Thanks to North Shore for a great evening.

Zoom Microscopes

From Nic Hendy:

I noticed in the Jaycar Electronics brochure before Christmas that they were selling USB 200x Zoom Microscope for $99.90. I have one attached to my computer and it is great for seeing flaws and different printing types. The original price of mine was $600.00, so this one is a bargain.