The cover illustrated was first reported by Gerald Lawson in The Mail Coach, Volume 15, number 4, page 71, December 1978. The title of the article was World War Propaganda Envelopes, although now they are more commonly referred to as Patriotic Envelopes.

As part of my colection of the usage of the 1940 Centennial of British Sovereignty on cover, such Patriotic Covers were found and now form a significant part of the study.

However, I have never seen a copy of the cover illustrated, and it is my belief that its subject led to its suppression by the Authorities as being damaging to the morale of the citizens of New Zealand.

I am at present preparing a monograph on the Patriotic Covers Used in New Zealand During and After the Second World War. If any reader has an example of this cover, I would be most grateful if they would send me a coloured laser copy - and of course, all expenses will be paid. I hope someone can help to complete the story, and look forward to hearing from you. 238 Waikiekie Road, Thames 3500. e-mail: